General conditions of use

General conditions of use of the network Nextbridge asbl

  1. Nextbridge asbl is the manager of the network. The person who signs this contract is the user of the network. The contract between Nextbridge asbl and the user begin at the time of the reception by Nextbridge asbl of the application to join of the user, either via the questionnaire online, or via this signed contract or all other forms of order.
  2. Nextbridge asbl proposes accommodation Web, e-mail and recordings DNS (for TLD “.be”). It is the provision of virtual spaces containing the information created and served by the user.
  3. The information conveyed or stored on the network Nextbridge asbl remains constantly under the responsibility of the user. The user is responsible for the contents and the use that one makes some. Nextbridge asbl abstains from censuring the contents and the user commits himself obeying the Belgian law.
  4. Nextbridge asbl cannot be held for person in charge of the contents of the files or the data security which circulates through its network. The user is supposed to sweep the files received via the network Nextbridge asbl concealing viruses. In a similar way, Nextbridge asbl cannot be held responsible for a damage which could appear during an illegal use of its network, or in the case of a degraded operation or for a dysfunction of its Internet connections.
  5. The user is responsible for itself or for the third parties which it represents of the made use of his participation in the network and on the servers of Nextbridge asbl. It free Nextbridge asbl of each litigation relative to this use. This contract can be finished without consultation nor notice if the user is guilty of dissemination of information in contradiction with the Belgian law, or about spam (e-mail sending in mass and not solicited by the recipients).
  6. The user keeps his information of access (username and password) confidential and does not reveal them to in no case with third parties. On Internet, he will abstain from to communicate them by not-encrypted e-mail or to reveal them on public places.
  7. The user recognizes that the e-mail exchanged between itself and Nextbridge asbl is a valid proof in the event of litigation and for very possible modification of this present contract, rate or the servers.
  8. Nextbridge asbl has the possibility of modifying this contract. Nevertheless, this contract remains valid for the period which was selected by the user for the mode of payment (monthly, biannual or annual). The complaints concerning the invoicing must be communicated in the 10 days following the dispatch date and must be addressed by e-mail in Nextbridge asbl. No complaint will be accepted beyond this time. Nextbridge asbl is committed making follow each complaint of a user and to answer him within a period of 10 working days. A complaint does not give the right to the user to suspend his payments or to change method of payment.
  9. The sending of the invoices is carried out by electronic way. They must be discharged in the 30 days following the dispatch date. Only exception: the recording of domain names is payable in advance. In the case of a non-payment of invoice in the deadlines, even partial, Nextbridge asbl can exclude the user from the network without warning, the amount due payable remainder. Each modification of the prices of the various functions of the network is announced on the website and by e-mail addressed to the user four weeks before being effective. For the contracts in progress, the prices remain constant until the end of the concluded period.
  10. Each cancellation of contract must be notified by e-mail at least a month before the end of the contractual period. Each prolonged use of the network is due in pro rata.
  11. Nextbridge asbl is authorized to use the personal information of the user for other reasons only its administrative organization interns or for Belgian system DNS. Nextbridge asbl endeavours to protect the private life from its users. On request by authenticated e-mail, Nextbridge asbl provides to the user his files logs or other information concerning its account user.
  12. According to the law current or suggested, Nextbridge asbl (or will be) is obliged to keep the files logs of its users for at least a year. In particular for the e-mail, Nextbridge asbl encourages its users to choose the electronic envelopes, like cryptography with public key, which keep their confidential correspondence.
  13. Nextbridge asbl cannot be held responsible for problems in the event of major force. Major force means all circumstances independent of our will or ability, which do not enable us to fulfill our obligations. This in particular in the case of applies a problem with one of our links of access to Internet, absence of Internet network, absence of phone network, fire, destruction, electric cut generalized, without this enumeration being exhaustive. Nextbridge asbl books the possibility of stopping certain servers for minimum durations in order to carry out maintenance intended to optimize the equipment, for example server or device necessary for a better quality of service.
  14. It is forbidden to use a sever or an account on the network of Nextbridge asbl to send not requested publicity, messages not respecting the charter of a newsgroup or a mailing list. If it receives a complaint coming from other networks or other users, Nextbridge asbl reserves the right to determine if a message meets these conditions. The transmission via the network Nextbridge asbl of an equipment which is out the Belgian law, European or international is prohibited. If the network of Nextbridge asbl is deliberately deceived, Nextbridge asbl has the right to assert a compensation for the responsible user.
  15. The traffic of data of the user can be measured for reasons of invoicing and the statistics of access. Each data resulting from such a census is treated in a confidential way.
  16. Each year, at least a month before the date of renewal of the service, a claim for payment is e-mailed with the new invoice. The users are still warned second once, at least a week before the entry of their domain name in quarantine, of the need for renewing their domain name is by paying the invoice of renewal or by sending by e-mail a proof of the payment of this one. If Nextbridge asbl still did not obtain a proof of payment of domain name at the latest at 18:00 the day of the renewal, the name will be automatically quarantined. From this moment, a lump sum of 50 euros will be required to leave the name forty and to give it in function.
  17. The responsibilities concerning the safeguards (backup) are with load of the user. Nextbridge asbl provides, if the contract stipulates it, a configuration and an installation of an infrastructure of backup but that does not discharge the user to supervise his backups or to make its clean backups. Any formula of backup proposed by Nextbridge asbl will be provided in the form of a better effort without warranty in the event of failure or of missing data.
  18. In the case of a litigation, the Belgian law is applicable. The parts will initially try to submit their case to a mediator on whom they are appropriate together. However, if a mediation fails, only the courts of Brussels are recognized like qualified.